WINGS Rival Blind LASER - audio shooting simulator set (long-arm gun, briefcase, software, target, cables)

Производител: Wings Group
It’s a sonic sport shooting kit to practice shooting with a sonic laser gun to the special shooting target. It provides entertainment during practicing alone as well as while group game. You can organize competitions and count the scores to find out who’s the best shooter! A laser trainer that serves healthy athletes in preparation for live shooting is modified so that it allows the blind to engage in full-fledged shooting sport.


What it is:

WINGS Rival Blind LASER - audio simulated shooting for the blind and partially sighted

  • Laser simulator of aimed and instinctive shooting in an easily portable briefcase
  • High resistance to the interference of ambient lighting
  • The use of safe laser emitters with a visible (red) track
  • Shooting with a training long-arm gun with an inserted or slip-on emitter
  • Free-standing gun without cabling
  • The possibility of training the visually impaired to shoot through sound guidance
  • Easy operation without the need to install software
  • Accurate assessment of hits
  • Detection of bad habits when shooting
  • The possibility of rendering the aiming curve
  • Assessment of weapon flinching and hit position
  • Voice output of the score and the hit position
  • Triggering of firing via the weapon
  • Archiving of the results of the shooting
  • The stance and the holding of the pistol is like normal shooting, while taking aim at the center of the target is carried out through the sense of hearing - the shooter is guided by sound, which varies according to the impact of the beam on the target - the laser beam continuously shines on the target
  • The need for sighted assistants is minimal – the computer displays but also says the value and place of the hit, the number of the shot, and the total sum of points achieved at the end


What’s included:

  • Long-arm gun
  • Briefcase
  • Software
  • Target
  • Cables



Laser guns are a great way to have fun and start your adventure with shooting. Simulated shooting develops the fine motor skills and the ability of the blind to focus. It helps them unwind from the stresses and problems that constantly appear in the life of visually impaired people.


Technical Specification

  • Shooting distance Max. 50 m
  • Target Virtual targets
  • Sounds Midi
  • Power supply USB
  • Weight 5.0 kg
  • Aiming curve
  • Individual tone settings
  • Operation PC/laptop, WIN7/8 and higher