Zoomax M5 – 5” Video Magnifier

Производител: Zoomax
M5 it’s the newest video magnifier produced by Zoomax, which displays magnified image in 2HD quality on a 5" screen. The device is extremely practical, its modern and smart look connects with small dimensions, it is possible to carry and use it in every place.


What it is:

The new Zoomax M5 is characterised by high image quality compared to other handheld magnifiers. It has two HD cameras and an HD screen, what provides a crystal clear image at any magnification level.

M5’s look presentable, combines modern and smart design with small dimensions, enough to fit in your pocket or purse, the M5 is perfect for on-the-go use. The 5” HD screen offers a large viewing area, while the compact, lightweight design gives you the best features in one ultra-portable package.

For use it has a tactile buttons with a simple touch screen interface. To zooming in and out or taking a snapshot of what you’re viewing use the tactile buttons, and for browsing your saved images or changing the contrast mode – use the touch screen.

To switching viewing modes just open the reading stand to automatically switch to reading view, or close it to switch to distance view.

What is more, when you’re at home, it’s possible to connect the M5 to a TV or monitor through HDMI to use it like a desktop video magnifier.

What’s included:

Detachable handle and protective carrying case included



Auto-focus HD camera

Unique touchscreen plus tactile button design for intuitive use

Convenient reading/writing stand

Automatic viewing mode selection

High-definition screen for crisp image quality at all magnification levels

2.3x-16x magnification

Compact and lightweight – weighs just over half a pound

4 hour rechargeable battery


Technical Specification

Color modes: 10 high contrast color modes plus full color; 3 favorite color modes, including full color (Assert picture indicates the color modes)

Camera: dual camera (5 megapixels); auto focus or tap-to-focus under distance-view mode; fixed focus under near-view mode

Viewing distance: 4.8cm for near-view; >5cm for distance-view

Screen: 5-inch TFT touch screen; screen resolution: 1280x720p

Continuous magnification: select the suitable magnification

Continuous use: depending on Mode and Brightness level settings, about 4 hours with fully charged battery

Magnification: 2.3X - 16X

Connect to TV/Monitor

Power adapter:

  •          Input: 100 - 240V
  •          Output: 5V/2.5A

Charging time: 4.5 hours

Total weight: 9.35 oz.

Dimensions: 6.8'' x 3.1'' x 0.8''