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Accessible multimedia terminals

Manufacturer: Altix sp. z o.o.
The most advanced type of information terminals, equipped with a computer unit and one or multiple LCD screens.


One more level above multisensory plans, accessible multimedia terminals is capable of presenting various kinds of information on its interactive screens. This solution offers a lot of possibilities, rendering the described area accessible to visitors with different types of handicap. There is tactile and Braille information, as well as a speech recognition option for the barrier (and keyboard) free communication with the visually-impaired, the sign language module on another screen, contrasted and clear information for everybody else, including the elderly (whose sight is often not sharp enough to read standard-size inscriptions on informatory boards), young children, or foreign tourists. Only a look at the simplified (but still rich in information) graphical representation of a given location provides all needed clues and details.

Above, you can see one of our realisations, equipped with a multilingual speech synthesiser, speech recognition module and smartphone communication device (a visually-impaired visitor is noticed about the presence of the terminal by his phone when he or she passes by and can also choose a voice message to find the terminal fast and easily). The terminal presents all necessary data and describes its location.



- long-lasting

- accessible for people with different kinds of handicap

- customisable

- attractive, futuristic look

- matches the style of modern architecture