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Mobile Accessibility

Mobile Accessibility is an Android screen reader and accessibility solution for phones and tablets.

Color Recognizer

Color Recognizer is a software application which allows you to determine the color of an object by taking a picture of it.

Mobile DAISY

Mobile DAISY Player is an electronic book reader for Symbian phones. It allows both sighted and vision-impaired mobile users to take books in Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) format with them wherever they go.

Mobile Geo

Mobile Geo is Code Factory’s GPS navigation software for Windows Mobile-based Smartphones and Pocket PCs. Powered by GPS and mapping technology from the Sendero Group, Mobile Geo is the first solution specifically designed to serve as a navigation aid for people with a visual impairment which works with a wide range of mainstream mobile devices. Although it is a separately licensed product, Mobile Geo is seamlessly integrated with Mobile Speak for Windows Mobile.

Mobile Magnifier

Mobile Magnifier is a full-screen magnification application for mobile phones that enlarges, and improves readability of, screen contents, detects areas of interest to make them more visible, and offers hotkeys to change settings on the fly.