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Akcesoria i pomoce w poruszaniu się

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In the past the blind used to utilize only the simplest solutions. Those were not bad. Mobility canes are still very effective when it comes to acquiring spatial orientation or avoiding obstacles on the ground - the ones that are in the path of the visually impaired. However, new, more advanced, electronic devices were invented lately. And they occurred to be a perfect complement to the canes.

Support folding cane

It’s a handy cane which eases mobility while constituting a stable walking support.

Night Walker Tip

The Night Walker Cane Tip increases your visibility automatically when dusk arrives.

Mobility Cane Pouch (denim)

It is a 30 cm pouch with a closed bottom. You can safely keep your folded cane inside.

Ray – pomoc w poruszaniu się

Ray stanowi nieocenioną pomoc w poruszaniu się. Urządzenie emituje ultradźwięki, by napotykając przeszkody informować o nich wibracjami.

SmartCane, obstacle detector

Smartcane device is an electronic travel aid which fits as handle of the white cane. As white cane can only detect obstacles up to knee height, Smartcane compliments its functionality by detecting obstacles from knee to head height. It detects obstacles using sonic waves and the presence of obstacles is conveyed through intuitive vibratory patterns.