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Braille printing

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Braille printing on Braille foil

We offer Braille embossing on a special Braille foil.

Braille printing on Braille Paper

We offer Braille adaptation of regular writings. We translate books, students’ books (also math students’ books), covers, leaflets, advertisements, business cards and printings on a swelling papers. We also offer printing convex, tactile illustrations.

Engravings in sets

We create sets of engravings on request. They are in form of a "tactile books", they contain engravings attractive for the youngest readers. Choose one of four themes.

Okładki i bindowanie

W naszej ofercie znajduje się usługa bindowania i wykonywania okładek dla dowolnych dokumentów dostarczanych przez Klientów.

Papier brajlowski – bela

Specjalny papier do drukarek brajlowskich.

Thermoformed PET tactile boards

The technology is perfect to create tactile boards which have light weight and the structure of their surface is warm and soft. The production is very fast and it can be made in copious amounts.