Folding graphite walking stick

Manufacturer: Ambutech
Excellent white walking sticks of Canadian Ambutech Company. Solid and durable. They are equipped with a comfortable straight handle. They ensure a comfort of usage and an excellent felling of obstacles and ground. A handle in a shape of a hook ensures a safe and stable hold of endings.


The light cane with its unique structure is made of graphite pipes. It is very easy to fold it and unfold it.

The white canes serve as the blinds’ arms extensions. They are inseparable companions in their everyday life. That is why, it is important to make them durable and reliable. If you also want the cane you buy to be well made, we recommend you the canes made by Canadian company AmbuTech.

To improve the comfort of using the canes you can mount to them different tips. The choice of the particular tip is dependent on your individual needs. They are available in various shapes and sizes. Some are better suited for checking the surface of the ground with them, by tapping the floor, others are better to support mobility and to be rolled around – from left to right. Feel the comfort of choosing the proper one from our offer:

The available tips are to be mounted with a hook:

Used with the two-point touch (tapping) technique:

  • Marshmallow – the tip is in a cylindrical shape. Size: length: 3,5 cm, diameter: 2,5 cm. It is made of durable, inaudible plastic – nylon (it’s a standard cane tip).
  • High Mileage – the tip is in the same shape as Marshmallow tips are, yet, it is made of more durable nylon and it has lower grindability than the Marshmallow tip. It allows for a longer usage - up to three times longer.
  • Pencil – the tip is pencil shaped. Size: length: 5 cm, diameter: 1 cm. It is made of nylon. Thanks to its small size you can easily keep the folded cane in a pocket or in a bag.
  • Metal Glide – it is a little cone-shaped tip that is made of nylon and it is ended with a round metal tile. Size of the tile: diameter: 27 mm, thickness: 4 mm. It has an extra protection layer against grinding. Metallic sound of a tapping and scraping helps to improve the sense of direction.

Used with the constant contact (rolling on the floor) technique:

  • Marshmallow Roller – a roller tip in a cylindrical shape. Size: length and diameter: about 3 cm. Made of nylon. The rotating movement enables rolling freely the cane in all directions. It perfectly transmits vibrations while the sound of tapping is muted. It is a perfect tool to, for example, check where the stair steps start.
  • Rolling Ball – it’s a rolling tip (roller type) in shape of a sphere, with diameter 5 cm. It is made of nylon. The tip is bigger than all the other tips and thanks to its size it hardly ever gets stuck in the cracks. It allows users to feel vibrations with ease. It is recommended for usage in constant contact technique. It is highly visible for the others. There is a durable ball-bearing inside of the tip, thanks to that, it moves smoothly.