Orbitrack Mouse

Control the direction and speed of the cursor with one soft touch. Ideal for users with motor skill difficulties. The Orbitrack input device from Keytools offers precise cursor movement on the computer screen while eliminating the need of intensive hand, finger or wrist movement.


The brightly coloured control ring acts as a soft touch pad requiring the lightest touch and no driving control with your finger.
By lightly touching the control ring the cursor direction begins. Moving your finger around the ring controls the cursor's direction. When you remove your finger the cursor stops moving. Keeping contact with the control ring will increase the speed of the cursor allowing you to move quickly around the screen.
Users who will particularly benefit from this device are those with physical or motor skill difficulties, RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, young children or any intensive computer user.
Suitable for left or right-handed use.

  • 50mm cursor control ring
  • 4 speed control settings
  • Ergonomic design with slope for comfortable wrist movement
  • Soft touch, colour coded buttons (Left / Right Click, Drag Lock and Double Click)
  • Sockets allowing use of remote switches and deactivation of Left / Right Click buttons
  • USB and PS2 compatible Plug and play – no drivers required
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Easy wiped clean