Switch Mouse

Hersteller: Humanscale
The Switch Mouse is the long awaited replacement for the Whale Mouse. The ergonomic Switch Mouse combines comfort, safety and adaptability and fits everybody.


The groundbreaking features of the Switch include:
The perfect fit
The Switch Mouse has a unique expanding panel which means it can be sized to fit every user – providing ultimate comfort and safety.
Minimising pressure
The 45 degree tilt of the Switch, created by the V–shaped bottom the mouse, positions the wrist and forearm at a natural angle.
No more scrolling
The Switch Mouse’s circular navigation dish minimises repetitive motion. It also allows for horizontal cursor movement.

  • Sleek and contemporary design
  • Symmetric shape - suitable for left or right handed use
  • Integrated palm support
  • Programmable buttons for user-specific functions
  • Quick start installation