Manufacturer: Altix sp. z o.o.
It is like a computer tape recorder, it works with speech synthesizers - Speak and Loquendo. Plays text files stored on a hard disk or CD. This is not a screen reader program, so you do not replace the JAWS and Hal with it, but when it comes to reading digitally stored texts through a speech synthesizer or Braille displays, it is more than enough. In addition, the program magnifies the text that is read, therefore, it serves also partially sighted people. It has the function of creating audio files in MP3 format, which is a simulation of the effect of a reading teacher. It is the cheapest program on the market which provides such services. It is well suited for the blind and visually impaired, for everyone who wants to read books or text documents from the Internet. There's no need to buy any expensive programs.


All the users of screen reading programs would for sure appreciate a possibility to convert texts into MP3 format, thanks to which, they could play them also on a regular media players such as Milstone recorders, and listen to them everywhere they go. Another significant options that Magni has are: easy bookmarking and font color change. Magni cannot replace completely voicing programs such as JAWS or Hal, yet, it is sufficient enough to read text documents stored on your computer’s hard disk drive.

Magni is being constantly developed! We try to meet our client’s expectations, that’s why we still add new options. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for ongoing interest and cooperation.

New versions contain all the options of the basic version plus:

Magni Book – it serves to create books and it can be sold in 3 variants:

  • Magni Book MP3 – enables to convert text into audiobooks in MP3 format;
  • Magni Book Daisy – enables to convert text into audiobooks in Daisy format;
  • Magni Book Producer – enables to conduct an advanced text conversion into audiobooks in Daisy format with a lector voice;

Altix currently works on Magni Converter that could convert documents into MP3, Daisy, Braille and magnified writing formats.