Band-it – identification tactile bands

10 reusable tactile bands, used to help identify objects around the home.


What it is:

Band-it bands are a low tech, reusable, flexible and tactile colour labelling system, best suited for identifying temporary objects such as shampoo and conditioner bottles, food items, medication, cleaning items and more. This pack includes 10 bands, with 2 of each colour and shape.

Use on objects with a circumference of 153-210mm (diameter 50-83mm for round objects). You can also use it on smaller items by wrapping around more than once.


What’s included:

  • 2x yellow tactile cylinder bands
  • 2x green tactile triangle bands
  • 2x dark pink tactile line bands
  • 2x blue tactile square bands
  • 2x orange tactile spherical bands



  • Bright colours: yellow, green, red, blue and orange
  • 5 different designs indented mark on each band for easier orientation
  • Easily washable - dishwasher or hot soapy water
  • Approx size per band: 60mm diameter x W15mm (2.4" x 0.6")
  • Approx weight per band: 1g (0.04oz)



  • Possible to use in variety of ways
  • Adjust to the marked objects (can be wrapped several times)
  • Can be used by blind and visually impaired
  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean



For downloadable instructions, please use this link Product Instructions (Word doc )