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However blind people usually doing well, some operations cause a variety of problems. Using everyday items offered on the "ordinary" market can be difficult when they are not specially adapted. It is much easier when these objects seem appropriate sounds and when they are described in the Braille system. Then we can say, that they are accompanied by sound and in Braille. This is important even if instead of Braille words are used a different kind highlight than the letters. They such adjusted items make it easier to conduct household, taking care of health and hygiene, performing all sorts of both minor and major tasks. Independence in performing basic activities for the blind and visually impaired is important not only in practice but also psychologically.

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Wielofunkcyjny termometr MesMed

MesMed MM-380 EWWEL to bezdotykowy termometr do pomiaru temperatury ciała, otoczenia oraz temperatury powierzchni, z kolorowym wyświetlaczem i głosową prezentacją wyników pomiaru w języku polskim.

Band-it – identification tactile bands

10 reusable tactile bands, used to help identify objects around the home.

Power-Max - battery-charger with USB-Port and speech output

Power-Max High-Speed Battery-Charger with USB-Port and excellent speech output in natural voice and visual display. It has 4 slots for single cell cylindrical rechargeable batteries, including Li-Ion rechargeable batteries as a novelty and one slot for charging 9 V block-batteries. Option for deaf-blind: available 2017!

Sockholder Au pair

Are you losing socks while doing your laundry? Try sockholder Au pair and the problem will never occur again!

Tape King – udźwiękowiona miara i poziomica

Jest to nowoczesna udźwiękowiona miara z poziomicą. Miara odczytuje oraz wyświetla wielkimi znakami wynik pomiaru przez co jest idealnym rozwiązaniem dla osób z dysfunkcją wzroku.

Color Star – urządzenie rozpoznające kolory (tester kolorów)

Color Star jest urządzeniem rozpoznającym kolory, odcienie i wzory. Mierzy także poziom kontrastu i wykrywa światło.


The simplest colour tester able to recognise 150 colours with a variable sound volume. It can detect light sources. It may be connected to other devices so it meets the requirements of the deaf and blind. Power supply: 2 AAA batteries.

Cricket Level Indicator

It indicates the level of liquid in the glass.

Liquid level sensor

It is an excellent liquid level sensor of CareTec company.

Fame - color reader

Life is colorful. You do not have buy another, separate device to be convinced about it. You can simply install the precise color's identification overlay in Your voice recorder Milestone 312.

Talking Blood Pressure Monitor TMA 7000M

It is a talking Polish blood pressure monitor with an automatic pumping sleeve. Results are read with a reference to WHO standards. Saves 60 measurements and has a large display for easy measurement of partially sighted people.

Talking pedometer

Stick to your fitness goals with talking pedometer. No need to keep checking the display. When you touch a button, this pedometer announces the number of steps taken, the distance traveled, the number of calories burned and the total time spent at exercising. With its smart timer, the pedometer starts and stops exercise time with your movement, and the spring-loaded belt clip will stay put no matter how active you get.