Euler 2.0

Thanks to this professional device blind people can work more efficiently. Euler supports teachers, parents of blind children and blind students in preparing documents required for educational purposes. Euler 2.0 translates documents from multiple formats into Braille, and can be used for converting all types of text documents including documents with mathematical symbols.


Euler 2.0 is a professional converter offering advanced editing options both in braille and regular printing formats. Thanks to the Euler functionalities users can write texts using Braille keyboards, and Euler translates Braille format into regular text, or one can translate regular text into braille format. The mathematical documents can be printed in each of these possible formats: Epheser, Nemeth Code and others. Euler enables users to read, edit and create documents in many formats such as: DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, PDF, XLS, XLSX, and TXT. The braille document can be saved as RTF, BRL or even XLS.

Euler 2.0 is a multilingual system and it is compatible with all printers available on the market, for example Index printers. Owing to Euler 2.0 advanced options users can edit Ms Office Word documents, and even translate special graphic files.

Euler is an excellent solution for schools, especially for inclusive schools, and for all types of offices.