Manufacturer: ClearlySuperior
The brightly coloured easy trackball for left and right hand use. The large ball and contoured profile of this mouse makes it ideal for hands of different sizes and will work well in a multi-user environment.


The KidTrack trackball's low profile case acts as a natural hand-rest, mirroring the natural contours of the hand. The KidTrack can easily accommodate either left or right-hand users without changing the system settings. The larger ball and contoured profile allow for easier control and is ideal for different size hands - whether children or adult. The valuable drag-lock means that there is no need to hold a button down to highlight, select or drag an item. A real plus for those new to using a mouse or with motor skill difficulties. Available with PS2 or USB connections.


  • Trackball diameter 60mm
  • Large ball
  • Drag lock feature for easy use
  • Suits hands of all sizes
  • Perfect for those with under or exagerated arm movement
  • For left handed and right handed use
  • PS2 or USB connection