Maltron 3D Ergonomic Keyboards

Manufacturer: P.C.D. MALTRON Ltd
The ergonomic style of this keyboard means that many users report being able to use it without the pain associated with RSI, Upper Limb Disorders or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This makes it ideal for those wishing to avoid these problems; those who are starting to feel the strain of intensive keyboard use; and those already affected by these new conditions.


The Maltron Two Handed Keyboard can also be supplied in the 'Maltron' layout (as opposed to QWERTY) to speed up data entry. Please enquire for details.

All Maltron Keyboards are now available with optional USB adapter.


  • Sculpted 3D design reduces hand, finger and wrist strain
  • Optimised layout saves input time
  • Plug-and-Go - so you can start using it immediately, or swap it if the computer is being shared
  • Models available for PC, Mac, iMac etc.

The Maltron Ergonomic Keyboard has a trackballfitted in the palm rest area of the central number pad. In this position the ball may be easily moved by the thumb with the fingers cupped and the hand resting over the key thumb group. The top of the ball is slightly below the palm rest surface so that it does not interfere with normal keyboard use.

The central location of the trackball enables either thumb to be used with the wrist kept straight and the hand tilted outwards in a comfortable position.

Action Buttons for the trackball are positioned so that they are operated by the other hand. The placing of the buttons allows the hand to rest in a relaxed state but ready for use. This arrangement ensures that the accurate and careful positioning of the ball is not disturbed when operating an action button.

The stress relieving design of MALTRON keyboards has already enabled hundreds of RSI or CTS (Repetitive Strain Injury or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) sufferers to return to work with career prospects recovered. The new combination in the MALTRON Trackball Keyboard can be a significant step in overcoming problems from mice as well.


  • Sculpted 3D design reduces hand, finger and wrist strain
  • Integrated trackball in central palm rest
  • Action Button operated by other hand
  • PS2 compatible
  • Help relieve the symptoms of RSI
  • USB adapter available