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Manufacturer: Bierley.com Limited
SALE! The cheapest magnifier on the market! You won't find Color or Mono Mouse cheaper! MonoMouse and ColorMouse are dedicated to users who want to enjoy reading the texts which are too small for them to see.


Everyone is capable of using MonoMouse magnifier. You just have to plug it to TV and press the big blue button. That’s all! A magnified picture of things situated below the Mouse appear on the TV screen. You can put the Mouse anywhere and it can magnify any text which is below. The range of magnification depends on the size of the screen. If you have 20 inch TV, the picture will be 24 times bigger. After using MonoMouse, the TV will automatically change to the channel you’ve watched before. The magnifier is a perfect solution for the elderly people, who frequently find using complex technologies too complicated. The device is technologically advanced, yet simple to use. There are two kinds of Mouse magnifiers – ColorMouse for color magnification and MonoMouse for black and white magnification. The range of magnification depends also on the version of the device:

High (H) with bigger magnification: 20x on 20-inch screen;

Low (L) with smaller magnification: 13x on 20-inch screen;

MonoMouse is also available in:

RM TV version – black&white, black letters on white background, white letters on black background;

USB computer version - black&white;