OKOLUX plus mobil 3x 12D magnifier

Manufacturer: Schweizer
Illuminated hand magnifier with energy-saving LED available in 3 light temperatures. Very bright, consistent and high contrast allow for even greater relaxation while reading and watching objects.


 Battery operated handheld illuminated magnifier comes in three light temperatures (2700K, 4500K, and 6000K) for improved reading acuity and customization for each indivdual\'s unique visual needs.

Each magnifier is equipped with a 4 chip SMD LED which provides a very bright, consistent high contrast light source and creates the ideal illumination for reading material due to the special light emitting diode.

The Okolux plus Mobil magnifier has been engineered to be have low energy consumption and provide a long battery life.

12D 70mm / 2700K / 4500K / 6000K

  •     focusing lens: 12D
  •     Lens diameter: Ø 70mm
  •     color temperature: 2700K, 4500K or 6000K
  •     magnification: 3x

Magnifier, protective pouch, instruction, packaging