Orbit Elite Trackball Mouse

Manufacturer: Kensington
Stylish symmetric trackball mouse, easy for finger tip control. The stylish shape of the Kensington Orbit Elite is designed to assist the natural easy movement of the hand, wrist and fingers. The symmetric design is ideal for left or right handed users.


The Kensington Orbit Elite features a medium-sized silver ball that is operated by the finger tips, and two programmable buttons.
You can choose what each button will do; carry–out a function or even pull down a personalised menu. By reducing the number of clicks you have to make you are less likely to develop RSI. Similalry if you already have RSI, the customisable settings of this mouse will enable you to better manage your injury.
The trackball features highly precise optical technology offering optimum access and control of your computer.


  • Trackball diameter 40mm
  • Move your fingers, not your whole hand
  • Great software provides valuable shortcuts
  • Saves valuable desk space
  • Suitable for left hand or right hand use
  • PS2 and USB compatible
  • Optical Technology