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Manufacturer: Optelec BV
Imagine using a video magnifier with a fully flexible and adjustable camera.


The Sentry and Sentry PC are practical solutions, designed for the benefit of low vision people.  Once connected to a VGA monitor or desktop PC, focus the camera on items of interest, and enlarge them to a more comfortable size on a screen.

A fully adjustable ‘tilt-and-swivel’ camera-head is mounted on an arm, providing generous space beneath for practical activities including writing, crafts, modelling, needlework and embroidery, home electrics and, painting and drawing.

At school or college, the Sentry and Sentry PC can be used for viewing atlases and maps, completing worksheets including the use of drawing tools such as set squares and pairs of compasses, electronics, using physical materials in chemistry and geology, and examining and manipulating specimens in biology and zoology.

Distance viewing
The camera can be rotated both vertically and horizontally, providing crisp and clear images from any distance.  Students have the facility to point the camera towards the whiteboard to view presentations without having to leave their seats.

Packed with features
Every Sentry and Sentry PC offers full auto-focus, the possibility of viewing images in full colour and reading using a variety of semi-colour combinations such as ‘yellow text on a black background’.  For additional illumination, an integrated external light is located on the camera arm which can be switched on-and-off as required.

For the accurate placement of documents beneath the camera, and to make handwriting and form-filling easier, switch-on the red light position locator to indicate where the camera is focusing.  Then place a pen or pencil against the projected red spot on the page, and see it on the screen.  No more hunting around to find your place - it is as easy as that.

The Sentry and Sentry PC each offer the possibility to connect with a stand-alone monitor with a VGA connection, so the picture from the camera can be shown on any computer monitor.  Alternatively, connect to any desktop PC and use a button on the control panel to toggle between the PC and video magnifier images, eliminating the need for two separate screens and saving valuable desk space.

Key benefits:

  •     Continuous zoom magnification: 2 to 22 times on a 17-inch screen
  •     Plug and play design – connect to a VGA monitor or desktop PC
  •     Flexible camera head (tilt-and-swivel) for desktop and distance viewing
  •     Auto-focus
  •     Multiple viewing options:
  •     Full colour
  •     Black text on a white background (positive mode)
  •     White text on a black background (negative mode)
  •     Wide range of semi-colour combinations
  •     Viewing features: PC Image-switch
  •     Adjustable horizontal and vertical PC Split-screen (Sentry PC only)
  •     Adjustable horizontal line and window markers to improve text tracking (Sentry PC only)
  •     Fully adjustable brightness control
  •     Use for reading and writing
  •     Red Light Position Locator
  •     External light for use in poorly-lit work areas
  •     VGA connection for PC-Connectivity
  •     Options:
  •     Movable reading table
  •     Table clamp


  •     Camera: 200 degrees (tilt) and 360 degrees (swivel)
  •     Weight:
  •     Camera arm: 5.5 kg / 194 ounces
  •     Control panel: 0.85 kg / 30 ounces
  •     Power supply: 0.18 kg / 6.3 ounces
  •     Dimensions:
  •     Camera arm: 33.5 x 54. 5 x 63.5 cm
  •     Control panel: 19.5 x 7 x 18.5 cm
  •     Power supply: 4.8 x 7.3 x 8.8 cm