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TISSOT Silen-T - metal bracelet

Manufacturer: Tissot
Silen-T is a great watch one of the most prestigious Swiss brands - TISSOT. Silen-T offers a new way of informing about time. The watch is equipped with a silent alarm running with vibrations.


The Silen-T does not offer multi-functions.  Instead, the Silen-T allows wears to not only read the time, but also set both the time and an alarm.  Tissot achieved this by making the watch’s touch crystal vibrate in response to tactile response.  The watch ushers forth a new era of timepieces for the visually impaired.  Instead of having to rely on disruptive \'talking\' watches or the people around them, people with poor eyesight can now check the time in a discrete manner.  The watch is also great for people who need a means of checking the time without being disruptive or conspicuous, such as business men during meetings.  The Silen-T is also a great looking watch. So good, in fact, that some will surely buy it even though they do not need it for the touch screen.