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Manufacturer: CareTec GmbH
Thanks to DymoQueen you will do in an easy and fast way a Braille label enabling to identify objects of similar shape as for instance cassettes, containers, bottles. DymoQueen also enables to create tactile dots (known as Bump Dots) in order to mark a location of a place on various objects.


Braille captions are placed on adhesive tape with a width of 12 mm. The base is a matrix DymoQueen Braille six-point, and the top "cover" six-point grille - like in the classic Braille label to write. Between these two parts of the adhesive tape is placed as a piece of paper in the plate, takes a hand chisel and impresses points that concert in subsequent letters and words. In this way we get a Braille label. We dissociate recorded portion of the tape and glue it to the signed object. DymoQueen is also used to create a tactile markers (Bump Dots) useful for determining awarded points for example: where is the top of the item or where is the text at the item.