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The simplest colour tester able to recognise 150 colours with a variable sound volume. It can detect light sources. It may be connected to other devices so it meets the requirements of the deaf and blind. Power supply: 2 AAA batteries.

Color Test Memo

ColorTest Memo has the functions of the device ColorTest Standard and additionally recognizes Euro banknotes. It also enables dynamic color measurement. Simple voice recorder is installed extra in, so it has a function of recording short voice messages.

Color Test Standard

It is a multifunctional device that recognizes colors, also includes a clock, notepad, and even a game's die. It's a small, cute, speaking colour identifier especially for the blind living alone. With it you will not wash your dark clothes together with white and you avoid assumptions mismatched "clothes".


DraftsMan is a big tactile drawing board for the blind and the visually impaired and for their sighted teachers, parents and friends. Thanks to applying a special surface drawn lines „grow” thanks to what they become perceptible for blind people.


Thanks to DymoQueen you will do in an easy and fast way a Braille label enabling to identify objects of similar shape as for instance cassettes, containers, bottles. DymoQueen also enables to create tactile dots (known as Bump Dots) in order to mark a location of a place on various objects.

Calculator Double Check

Double Check does not only provide the basic arithmetic operations, but also combines numerous other functions in one small and handy device!


It is a sound light detector. It has a shape of a pen ended with a light sensor. It generates a high sound if it marks a light source and a very low sound if not. It reacts so precisely that you can check with it not only if the light is on or where a window is but also enables to find written spaces on a sheet of paper.

Płynomierz - czujnik poziomu cieczy

To niewielkie urządzenie, dzięki któremu nie przelejemy wody, soku czy gorącej herbaty. Płynomierz zawieszony na brzegu szklanki zapiszczy, gdy ciecz osiągnie odpowiedni poziom. Jest niezbędny w każdej kuchni. Tam, gdzie go brakuje, mogą wystąpić dwa problemy: z wylewającą się wodą ze szklanki oraz ze zrehabilitowaniem niewidomego gospodarza.

Liquid level sensor

It is an excellent liquid level sensor of CareTec company.

Power-Max - battery-charger with USB-Port and speech output

Power-Max High-Speed Battery-Charger with USB-Port and excellent speech output in natural voice and visual display. It has 4 slots for single cell cylindrical rechargeable batteries, including Li-Ion rechargeable batteries as a novelty and one slot for charging 9 V block-batteries. Option for deaf-blind: available 2017!

Ray – pomoc w poruszaniu się

Ray stanowi nieocenioną pomoc w poruszaniu się. Urządzenie emituje ultradźwięki, by napotykając przeszkody informować o nich wibracjami.


A device enabling to record voice notes to bar codes. In an easy and comfortable way we can mark any object and record through the built-in microphone our voice comment. Remembered in this way bar codes are recognised by Sherlock (an adequate voice note is replayed).