Engravings in sets

Manufacturer: Altix sp. z o.o.
We create sets of engravings on request. They are in form of a "tactile books", they contain engravings attractive for the youngest readers. Choose one of four themes.


What is it?

Engravings can successfully be used as an aid for teachers who want to make classes for blind students more attractive, as well as, for the families with visually impaired children.

The pictures show examples of the product - the animals are printed on plain braille paper and dinosaurs on swell paper.

You can choose one of four themes - vehicles, dinosaurs, farm animals and wild animals. The price listed is for one set containing up to 15 pieces of engravings. During ordering, you must specify which set of engravings you are interested in.



1 set of engravings on plain braille paper (10 to 15 pages book)

Package of 4 sets on plain braille paper

1 set of engravings on swelling paper (10 to 15 pages book)

Package of 4 sets on swelling paper