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Engravings in sets

We create sets of engravings on request. They are in form of a "tactile books", they contain engravings attractive for the youngest readers. Choose one of four themes.

Braille and tactile signs

Get rid of barriers – right at your doorstep. Thanks to our tactile and Braille signs doors – and what’s behind them- are no longer a mystery.

Euler 2.0

Thanks to this professional device blind people can work more efficiently. Euler supports teachers, parents of blind children and blind students in preparing documents required for educational purposes. Euler 2.0 translates documents from multiple formats into Braille, and can be used for converting all types of text documents including documents with mathematical symbols.

Euler MathSpeech

Zestaw bibliotek do przetwarzania wyrażeń matematycznych w MathML do postaci alternatywnej