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NaviEye2 - Navigation for the blind

Manufacturers: MiGRAF , Altix sp. z o.o.
Do you want to move independently in the area? Navigation for the blind is available! NaviEye is a small GPS device for navigation for the blind and visually impaired! Simply program a route and you can go to school, work or on a trip!


NaviEye is a small device designed for blind persons or visually impaired. It uses satellite navigation system to determine the exact geographical position of the user.

The use of NaviEye in daily life consists of two stages: recording Information and use of data collected. They can be: intersection of streets, public transport stops or places where we should turn to reach the defined objective (eg a shop that will pass).

Navigating is very simple: you can go to a selected point and listen to information about distance and direction, or you can move around on set of points called "path".

NaviEye communications announces natural voice of IVONA TTS. It has a memory card on which there are about 60,000 POI for Polish territory, and the data for a maximum of 2,000,000 addresses. You can also buy a set of about 80,000 addresses for the selected Polish region, which you can navigate to a specific address.

Included: NaviEye, USB charger, mono headset, USB cable, CD with documentation and software.