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Manufacturer: NeoVision
Program serving to optical recognition of Braille writing. It converts into black print each document printed in Braille. It is particularly useful in education, filing system of old Braille printouts and while copying Braille books.


OBR - Optical Braille Recognition - is a Windows software that allows you to "read" single and double sided Braille documents with a standard scanner. The retrieved information is presented as the text that can be used in all types of Windows applications.

The Braille information in a small letter or a complete Braille Book can be retrieved into computer form in the same easy way, even if you do not read Braille at all.

The recognition from a good quality Braille document is excellent. But even scanning an old worn-out Braille document, the fault frequency is surprisingly low. By using standard Windows functions your Braille handling system will be complete and effective.

Everyone who works with Blind people and does not read Braille will benefit from using the OBR. For example: teachers who do not read Braille, public organisations communicating with Blind individuals and Computerised Braille Libraries.