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However blind people usually doing well, some operations cause a variety of problems. Using everyday items offered on the "ordinary" market can be difficult when they are not specially adapted. It is much easier when these objects seem appropriate sounds and when they are described in the Braille system. Then we can say, that they are accompanied by sound and in Braille. This is important even if instead of Braille words are used a different kind highlight than the letters. They such adjusted items make it easier to conduct household, taking care of health and hygiene, performing all sorts of both minor and major tasks. Independence in performing basic activities for the blind and visually impaired is important not only in practice but also psychologically.

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Talking in/out door thermometer

An attractive, conveniently sized talking thermometer that can be used on a desktop or hung on a wall. It is designed to measure outdoor and indoor temperature.

Talking body thermometer

Polish-talking thermometer to measure body temperature.


A device enabling to record voice notes to bar codes. In an easy and comfortable way we can mark any object and record through the built-in microphone our voice comment. Remembered in this way bar codes are recognised by Sherlock (an adequate voice note is replayed).

Penfriend 2

Popularity of Penfriend performs that new model of this useful device was made.


Thanks to DymoQueen you will do in an easy and fast way a Braille label enabling to identify objects of similar shape as for instance cassettes, containers, bottles. DymoQueen also enables to create tactile dots (known as Bump Dots) in order to mark a location of a place on various objects.

O-Ring Socks

O-Ring Socks is a product to eliminate age-old problem of pairing socks.

Speaking weight Happy Day

Must-have in every home. Happy Day is speaking personal scale for the whole family. It is accompanied by sound and reliable, but it also has one "defect": It is very indiscreet! Once stand on it and loud tells how much you weigh...

Speaking kitchen weight scale

For each cooking amateur we recommend high-quality speaking kitchen scale. It is extremely accurate, and the measurement result is displayed on the LCD screen and read voice.

Talking Kitchen Scale Heidi

This very user-friendly high quality kitchen scale comes with a natural speech output. Due to its measuredness it can also be used as letter- or dietscale.

Talking Kitchen Scale Vivienne

This very user-friendly high quality kitchen scale comes with a natural speech output. Due its measuredness it can also be used as letter- or dietscale.

Weight scale with a large display

This superb scale is equipped with an exceptionally large LCD display, which is easily read the measurement result. Glass platform in white is very aesthetic. Weight is extremely easy to use.

Wooffy & Wooffy T

Wooffy is an excellent not big device enabling to control how the battery is charged. It enables to test all conventional batteries 1.5 V and 9 V. There are two models: Wooffy and Wooffy T.