Life is not only about work and duties. Entertainment is important as well. There are more and more games available for the blind people. Tactile solutions or braille descriptions enable visually impaired people to play along with the healthy ones. Games have educative functions, can develop patience, and integrate people. 

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Large print playing cards with braille markings

Pack of large print playing cards embossed in braille with the denomination and suit at the top left and bottom right hand corners.

Large print playing cards

Pack of large print easy-to-see playing cards.

Rubik’s Cube for the Visually Impaired 3x3x3

We all love puzzles in one form or another. That’s how we check ourselves, learn or build up our self-esteem. That’s a nice and educative form of entertainment. You can occupy your mind and your hands with the Cube while travelling or compete with your friends - who solves it faster?! To sum up – it’s good to have the Cube to play with, whether it’s an ordinary day or some special event.

Wooden Braille Cube

Wooden Braille Cube

Red Figures Set for Checkers

Twenty four red figures for checkers, which you can use to replace the black ones in the basic game variant.