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World atlas

These thermoformed tactile maps are a comprehensive aid to geographic instruction and orientation.

Tactile Anatomy Atlas

This two-volumed set of tactile diagrams shows broadly such elements of human body like skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, urinary and reproductive system and so on.

Tactile globe

Tactile globe dedicated for blind people and – thanks to its colourful surface – the visually impaired. It depicts political division of the world. It allows distinguishing the outline of the continents, height above sea level, latitude and longitude. It is equipped with metal-wooden support. Scale: 1: 41 800 000

Light Box

It is an excellent board for visually impaired people helping them to get to know shapes, figures and colours. On the front page of the device there is a lighted board which enables to watch elements placed on it. Light Box may be used both in horizontal and vertical position.