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Braille and tactile signs

Manufacturer: Altix sp. z o.o.
Get rid of barriers – right at your doorstep. Thanks to our tactile and Braille signs doors – and what’s behind them- are no longer a mystery.


Long-lasting signage renders accessible all types of information: rooms numbers, office department names, directional info, telephone number at which some data can be obtained, operational hours of a city hall, notice on a museum exhibit, device functions…

Altix offers also resistant Braille stickers made from various materials: plastic, metal, or foil. They can be used on doors, devices, books and everything else that needs to be labelled. 



- for indoor and outdoor use

- can be made from various materials and with different technologies

- can be installed on various supports

- can be transparent or multi-colored

- can include inscriptions, pictographs and graphics

- attractive

- modern