Layered tactile plans (made from PMMA plastic)

Manufacturer: Altix sp. z o.o.
Providing accessible maps and plans of public institutions is a standard of the modern age.


Are our public institutions – sports centres, schools, universities, libraries, city halls, theatres, zoos and others – ready for the challenges of the modern world? Are they up-to-date with the standards of open and accessible society? They can be - thanks to our tactile maps and plans. They are designed to facilitate the orientation of the visually-impaired visitors, but also prove useful and attractive for everybody else, including the elderly (whose sight is often not sharp enough to read standard-size inscriptions on informatory boards), young children, or foreign tourists. Only a look at the simplified (but still rich in information) graphical representation of a given location provides all needed clues and details. Apart from the tactile representation of information, they are enriched in contrasting colors and large-print inscriptions and ideographs.   

The layers are best to present schematic floor plans, evacuation paths etc. This clever solution – simple, yet indispensable – enables creation of as accurate plans as the thermoforming technology, but the time of the realisation of the projects is considerably shorter (there is no need of creating the matrix).

Above, we present some of our works in this domain, including plans of train stations and a plan of the Warsaw city centre. The latter shows for instance the different heights of the buildings and the arrangement of pavements and green areas.  



- fast realisation

- intuitive

- answering the needs of today’s society

- long-lasting

- attractive

- useful for everybody

- customisable, with optional additions