Multisensory terminals

Manufacturer: Altix sp. z o.o.
A multisensory terminal is a complex electronic unit designed with the needs of the visually-impaired in mind.


A multisensory terminal is a solution that provides the visually-impaired with the information about their current location, putting them on a par with the rest of visitors. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it describes rooms, points of interest or parts of establishments and areas, reports all necessary details, for example the whereabouts of assistance personnel or public transport spots, directs – making those with vision problem independent.

Those with partial vision loss as well benefit from this kind of solution: a multisensory terminal answers their needs with magnified inscriptions, colorful and contrasted schemas and illustrations, or clear ideographs and data organization.

Of course, such terminals prove useful and attractive also for everybody else, including the elderly (whose sight is often not sharp enough to read standard-size inscriptions on informatory boards), young children, or foreign tourists. Only a look at the simplified (but still rich in information) graphical representation of a given location provides all needed clues and details.   

This modern solution offers a wide range of additions to the standard tactile plan, for instance sound message systems (turned on by remote controls, touch sensors or buttons) or smartphone communication units. It can as well inform a visually-impaired visitor about its presence when equipped with a STEP-HEAR-type device. Power can be provided by solar panels or other sources. Last but not least, it is worth noting that the sort and scope of presented information can be adjusted without any limitations – save the imagination.

Above, we present examples of our complex terminals in use: tactile and equipped with sound systems maps of zoos in Warsaw and Opole (that provide information not only on the area, but also on the animals), the plan of the REHA conference with sound introduction to the event.



- innovative

- intuitive

- interactive

- long-lasting

- attractive

- modern

- useful for everybody

- customisable, with optional additions