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Royal National Institute of Blind People

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Braille cube keyring

A fun keyring that can be used to make the shapes of the braille characters. This small cube is attached to a keyring and can be used to make the shapes of braille characters

Braille keyring with stylus

A small brightly coloured plastic, rectangular keyring with six braille cells on a single line, which are made up of push pins. You press out the pins using the stylus provided to create letters of the braille alphabet.


In the past the blind used to utilize only the simplest solutions. Those were not bad. Mobility canes are still very effective when it comes to acquiring spatial orientation or avoiding obstacles on the ground - the ones that are in the path of the visually impaired. However, new, more advanced, electronic devices were invented lately. And they occurred to be a perfect complement to the canes.

Soccer Ball / Football

Sport equals health and soccer is extremely popular around the world! Cheering your favorite team from the couch is fun but it’s not as entertaining as an active open –air recreation.

Braille watch with metal bracelet (CW142 and CW143)

High-quality Braille watch with metal bracelet.