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It is a system to notify persons in the premises of the existence of the need for assistance to a person who is waiting outside. Call-Hear is addressed to such premises, shops, restaurants, businesses, hotels, museums, government offices and many others. The system is helpful for people with disabilities (overground people in wheelchairs, blind) who need help to enter the premises, but also to customers who temporarily have difficulty with mobility (eg. walking on crutches), and pregnant women.


Step-hear™ is a Navigation & Information System for Blind and Visually Impaired people. Step-Hear™ consists of two units: A base and an Activator. The base (SH-200) is installed at key locations, uploaded with pre-recorded information. The Activator (SH-220), carried by the user, vibrates and beeps to notify that a Step-Hear™ unit is nearby.