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Guide paths

Manufacturer: Altix sp. z o.o.
Guiding paths, perceptible by feet and white canes, gives a visually-impaired person independence in public places such as open spaces, hotels, city halls or train stations. They make sure the way is safe and goes in the right direction.


Thanks to the guiding paths, a sightless person can get to a desirable destination without stress or awkward stumbling and bumping against various objects. What is more, they ensure their safety in an emergency situation, for example if there is fire. This solution works best if implemented together with square cautioning points and accessible signage, for example tactile plans.

The guiding paths can be made of metal, rubber or plastic and are available in different styles so that they match all kinds of buildings and styles of architecture. There are many modes of installation, including such on a carpet or stone floor without destroying the surface by drilling.




- ensuring a sightless person’s safety and independence

- guiding a sightless person to useful places or objects, for instance to a tactile map

- can be installed without drilling the supporting surface

- available in different styles and materials